Robert Gertz, Artist

December 1, 1928 - December 7, 2011

Bob on Location

BOB GERTZ was a mentor and friend to us and many others, a loving father and grandfather, and a fearless painter whose work continued to evolve throughout his artistic life.

His years before retirement were devoted to supporting his wife and seven children. After his retirement he began to experiment with oils, pastels and other media before settling on watercolor.

Bob painted every day, sometimes executing several paintings in a day. Painting outdoors is challenging enough for a watercolor artist. Bob painted in any weather, any time, carrying his gear in a backpack (which seemed to weigh as much as a futon). His resolute good humor and kindness made him a wonderful companion on many outings with the group or sometimes with just a few of us.

His advice was invaluable. His critiques were peppered with humor. We miss his presence in the Newburyport Ten as both a friend and teacher.

watercolor  watercolor
When I think of Bob I think that he was the center of our group. Always there to help someone and forever enthusiastic about painting. —Susan B. Luca
photo of Bob Gertz
photo of Bob Gertz
Bob helping Susan Luca by posing
Famous in Vermont, 2007
photo of Bob Gertz
At work
at work
At work